Who are we

We’re a group of forex traders who live and breathe forex. With our cumulative experience of more than 30+ years, we’ve always focused and worked towards a client-first policy. Throughout our trading career, we saw clients often losing their money due to a lack of experience of trading in financial markets. We also saw professional traders who were making a consistent profit every month but weren’t willing to trade on smaller amounts. We felt that we had a responsibility to bridge the gap between these two. Thus we started working towards finding a solution for it. After countless brainstorming meetings, sleepless nights, and many beta versions, we finally came out with a fully automated platform that uses state of the art technologies. We named it OctaProfit and after lots and lots of testing, we released it for the public.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our unique platform makes it easy for investors to connect with professional traders and vice versa. As an investor, you’ll get the opportunity to find some of the world’s best traders to trade for you. And not just one trader, but you can diversify your investment by allotting your invested amount to as many traders as you want. What’s best is that you can get started for as low as $1000.

And if you’re a trader, then we’ll provide you a platform where you can showcase your superpower of trading abilities. You’ll no longer have to spend your time searching for clients, as we’ll do it for you. You just have to do what you do best i.e. dedicate yourself to trade. You can decide on your share from the client’s amount and it’ll be transferred hassle-free into your account.

Now Everyone Can Make Profits

Even if you have zero knowledge about the forex market, you can make profits thanks to our futuristic social trading platform. Gone are the days, when you had to spend time learning and updating yourself about the financial markets. Now, you can make stress free profitable investments without disturbing your professional work. With just a few clicks, you’ll get connected to the best traders out there and they’ll manage your investments.

You can choose traders based upon their style of trading and your risk appetite. You’ll have full control over your invested amount and you’ll just have to give the trader a small share from the profit that he’ll make on your account.

An Innovative Revolution in FinTech

Our platform is a unique disrupter in the world of forex trading. With its intuitive user-friendly interface, we’ll make it easy for you to get started towards your journey in making profits.